Kitty Wilde +  Character Traits

this is not what any of us expected when we first watched s1xe1

Anonymous said: top female characters (and why?) top male characters (and why?) top five episodes that you would show non-gleeks to try to get them into the show

omg, I love you anon.. and I think I know who you are.. ;) but I’m not explaining why I love all these characters. aint nobody got time fo dat.

top female characters
1. kitty wilde
2. tina cohen-chang
3. sue sylvester
4. only season four santana (except for the part where she hated sam, but hey I can relate in a way)

top male characters
1. finn hudson
2. blaine anderson
3. sam evans
4. jake puckerman

top five episodes to show to a non-gleek to try to get them into the show

1. Puppet Master. always.
2. Dynamic Duets
3. Mash-Off
4. Makeover
5. Wheels
6. Guilty Pleasures

also I hate Quinn Fabray. always.